Automotive Window Film

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Automotive Films Manufactured by LLumar


Darkest Legal Window Film

Extraordinary performance you’ll see and feel for those who want the very best. Jetblack comes in a metallised and non-metallised.

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Non-Metallised Window Film

Eminm is designed for vehicles with in-built antenna systems that will not interfere with radio signal reception (AM and FM), telephone and satellite navigation systems installed in vehicles.

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High Performance Window Film

Lifetime protection coupled with superior heat and IR rejection properties allows Grange to not only look great but perform great. This dark grey film is ideal for prestige vehicles when style is paramount.

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Ceramic Automotive Window Film

Providing ultimate infrared heat rejection CNP keeps your car interior cooler than ever. A durable film with excellent crystal clear views, CNP is the perfect film for Australias harshest driving conditions

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Looking for Automotive Films Manufactured by Madico?

Black Pearl High Performance Window film example image

Black Pearl® High Performance

Black Pearl High Performance automotive tint is a high-performance film that will improve driving experience.

Black Pearl® Non-Reflective Window Film

Black Pearl® Non-Reflective

Black Pearl Non-Reflective’s unique design provides the greatest colour longevity of any non-metal film, while reducing heat and annoying glare.

GP Max Film Example

GP Max

GP Max is a metallized and affordable making it a popular film option among budget-conscious vehicle owners who want good heat rejection.

Charcoal Window Film Image


Combining classic looks and good functionality, Charcoal automotive tint offers heat and glare, also blocking 99% of UV rays.

Charcool® Window Film


Charcool automotive tint is a state-of-the-art film with high colour stability and won’t interfere with in-vehicle technology.

Onyx® Window Film


Onyx automotive tint is a popular choice amongst those who desire a classic look along with high performance.

Shadow Window Film


Shadow is a non-reflective film with a dark, black colour. The perfect metal-free option for uninterrupted in-vehicle technology.

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Madico is a leading manufacturer of innovative window film, coatings, metallising and laminate solutions. Offering a unique range of products that meet customers’ evolving needs and performance expectations.

UK’s leading manufacturer of self-adhesive sign vinyl, digital media and speciality materials for cutting and printing. Metamark products are specified by end-users and chosen by professionals around the world.

An industry leading global brand, 3M invented window films in 1966 with a focus on innovation and continual improvement. 3M are committed to production of world leading adhesives and film technologies.